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photoluminescen phosphorescent effect

Capture the light and give it back slowly in the dark





The colours displayed are only indicative and can vary from the original. To see the original aspect contact us and we will show you the original.


Plutone è un effetto che riemette molta luce al buio. E’ stato studiato per applicazioni di sicurezza, dove è richiesta una elevata fosforescenza. In particolare le prime applicazioni sono per segnalazioni tunnel e metropolitana, dove la luminscenza residua deve durare un tempo elevato.


Plutone is an effect that give back the light in the dark. This product was studied for emergency applications, where an elevated photoluminescence is required. In particular the first applications were for metropolitan tunnel  where the residual luminscence must last high time.


This effect can be applyed with a suitable primer if required on:

- wood

- metals (iron, aluminium, brass, etc...)

- plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc...)

- glass


The coating cycle is reported in our technical data sheet, if you are interested ask us at or with our contacts form

Go to the original site:  photoluminescent effect paint

Go to the original site:  photoluminescent effect paint